Game Characters With Missing Features

Game Characters With Missing Features

We take some of the worlds most well known video game characters and remove some of their most important visual traits. Read below to see game characters with missing features.


The removal of Mario’s mustache takes a lot of years off his physical age. He doesn’t look quite as young as baby Mario, he’s more in-between. Teenage Mario!

Mario without A Mustache


Sonic must burn through a lot of shoes considering how quick he runs. The bright red shoes really make the difference when it’s just his bare feet.

Sonic Without Shoes


The stripe is a bit part of Kratos’ physical appearance. While we have seen him without it during flashbacks it is weird to see him like this without the red stripe.

Kratos Without Stripe

Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman isn’t a character that you get to see too often due to the fact that he is the lead character in a first person shooter. His glasses, like most other people with glasses, contribute a lot to his appearance and without them he looks a lot different.

Gordon Freeman Without Glasses
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