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Forager Buildings Guide
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There are many different buildings that you can construct in Forager under the main four main categories. If you are playing Forager for the first time, you will likely have many questions as to what the many different buildings do. The game keeps it a secret from you, so this wiki is here to explain the use of each building.

So when you are stuck trying to decide whether you need to spend your valuable resources on a new building, you need to know if you have a use for it. You may have been burned already and built something that you have no use for. I will create a record for all of these buildings in this guide in order to help you avoid making many of the mistakes I made.

All of the buildings in the game are useful for something. Some are just more critical than others. You will also find that you might progress too far on one skill tree and unlock advanced industrial buildings that you do not have the resources for just yet. There is no point in going this far ahead as it will only slow you down. Before you spend a skill point to unlock a building or drop a chunk of resources, see the list of buildings in this guide.

I will only include the buildings that I feel are a tough decision on whether they need to be built or not. This will mostly mean the buildings that are unlocked mid way through the game rather than those unlocked at the start.

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