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The mining rod is a bit of a mystery building when you are first starting out. The name doesn’t give you much of a clue as to what it is. After I first built one I was a little disappointed but I later found this to be one of the most valuable buildings in the game.

The mining rod will shoot a laser that destroys anything in the area and will harvest the resources for you. So if you build a quarry and then build some mining rods around it, the rods will destroy all of the ore veins for you and collect the resources.

The mining rod will destroy everything, not just ore and other things that you would traditionally mine. The rod will destroy trees, plants and anything else that naturally spawns as time progresses.

Mining Rod For Destroying Ore
Mining Rod For Destroying Ore

Is the mining rod worth building?

Absolutely yes. It is a little expensive initially but it will save you so much effort in the long run. The mining rod will make is to you always have all of the resources you could ever need. It will also mean that the land will always be clear so that you do not have to waste your stamina breaking blocks.

The more of these you place, the less work you will need to do. There is also a skill that you can get to increase the power but this is a waste. After the rod has been active for a while it will make it so that nothing else will ever last for long once it spawns.


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