Why is the gear share option grayed out?

I want to share some loot with a friend who I am in a game with. When I navigate to the item, press the options button and go to share, the option is grayed out. it won’t allow me to share any of the weapons or armour I have with people in the lobby with me.

Why is the gear share option grayed out Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The gear share option is grayed out when I try to share weapons and armour with someone in Division 2. See below for the answer to this question.

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In order to share weapons and gear with someone on Division 2, you need to have collected the item in the same game as them. So if you accept an invite l, you won’t be able to give them any of the year you have. If you do a raid together and pick up something good, the share option should be enabled for you 

Even when you can share, the player must be a high enough level. You won’t be able to join a game with a level 1 character and give them level 30 gear.

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