Division 2 Beginners Guide

Division 2 Beginners Guide

The Division 2 is not the most complicated game ever made, but it does have a learning curve to it. It takes a few hours before you get the hang of things and by then you might have made a few mistakes that end up costing you more time than you might have wanted to have spent. This is a Division 2 beginners guide to help you out who are just getting started.

I have put together a video that will outline most of what is in this guide. If you want more detail scroll down past the video for the full thing.

So since the video covers most of the tips and tricks in detail, there are a few extra things to mention here. First is the ability to leave a group you are in. This is not all that simple for some reason. It isnt that hard though. In the same way that you can join a group from the social menu, you can also leave one. Just click on your name in that group and there will be an option to leave.

leave grou

Another thing that you might have missed, because I thought i was done and then suddenly found a rare piece of loot is a good way to find rare loot very easily. Sometimes loot is just randomly sitting in alleys and in random places. Look out for locked gates. Sometimes they are locked with a padlock and other times with an electrical lock. If it is an electrical lock, look around nearby for a yellow electrical box on the wall. Shoot the box and it will blow up and you can then go through the gate. If its a padlock, just shoot it to open the gate. The locks are super easy to spot, see the image below. Sometimes you might need to go to a different location to get a good shot of the lock though.

padlock on gate

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