Can't advance to world tier 1


I have reached level 30 and have 27/33 story missions completed. There are no more active missions for the main story on the map. I have completed the 3 strongholds but can’t advance to world tier 1. I replayed capital hill again and selected story difficulty. When it completed, the trigger to enter world tier 1 never happened. I am stuck on this and can’t progress even though the game is showing I have completed everything.

I am playing division 2 on PS4. I have tried restarting the game and it didn’t trigger anything. I have completed capitol hill twice now and nothing.

Cant advance to world tier 1
Tom Clancy's The Division 2

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bandersnatch -

How did you complete it the first two times? In order to trigger the advancement to world tier 1, you need to be in the story world. 

If you join a game with another player who is already world tier 1, you can complete the final stronghold but it will not trigger the advancement to the next world tier because the world has already advanced. It’s annoying and difficult to figure this out.

The solution is to start a new game and do not join anyone elses lobby. Invite friends if you want but you need to complete the final division 2 stronghold in your game world, not someone else’s. This means you can’t use match making or anything. Once you complete the mission in your game world it will advance to world tier 1 once you get out the front of the building.

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