Speak with Alani Kelso – the gates are locked?

I have a quest objective to speak with Alani Kelso back at the settlement. I have followed the GPS thing to the back gate of the building and the gate is locked. There is a second gate a little further down and this is locked too. I tried clearing the area nearby and I have killed all of the hostile soldiers in the area. Nothing seems to have workd. What do i need to do to get these gates to open so that I can go in and unlock this settlement?

Speak with Alani Kelso - the gates are locked Tom Clancy's The Division 2

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Try running around to the other side of the castle. The back gates might not open until you have progressed a bit further in the story and activated the area. There will be an entrance around the other side. The quest point will be near this door too. I think the intention is for you to go through this door, the GPS thing is just broken for this.


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