How you break the guard of shielded enemies?


I am fighting shock troopers and they have a large riot shield to defend themselves with. How are you meant to attack and damage these guys. My sword just bounces off them. I’ve been able to get lucky s few times by rolling around behind them. What is the correct way to attack shielded enemies in Final Fantasy VII remake?

How you break the guard of shielded enemies
Final Fantasy VII Remake

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savageeye -

The easiest way to do it is with magic. A fire attack or anything similar will damage the enemy, getting past the shield. These attacks will also stun them, causing them to drop their guard. Once they have taken damage in this way, you will be able to unleash a flurry of attacks to damage shielded enemies.

If you do not have any mana left, it is possible to time attacks properly to do it. When an enemy with a shield is about to attack. You will see red appear above their heads with the name of the attack. You will see them winding up. If you roll behind them at this point, they will be open for attack.

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