Increasing Inventory Slots for Weapons, Shields & Bows

increasing inventory slots

Weapon durability is noticeably low in Tears of the Kingdom. It takes very little before a weapon shatters from use. This means you need to head into combat with a decent collection of weapons at your disposal. The biggest problem with this is the amount of weapons that you can carry. Link has a rather small amount of inventory space for weapons. Frustrating when you consider just how many you need to make it through most of the game’s combat encounters.

Have you been picking up the Korok seeds from those little creatures wearing leaf masks and wondered what they are for? Well, they are used as a currency to increase the amount of space in your inventory. So who accepts this currency? The answer is the beloved Hestu.

Where To Find Hestu In Tears of the Kingdom

You will need make your way toward the Lindor Brow Skyview tower. You will find Hestu walking along the path in Hyrule Ridge.

expanding inventory with hestu

He will allow you to purchase a few inventory upgrades for shields, bows and weapons. Once you have purchased a few, he will tell you that he is going to continue on his journey and will move on from this location, not allowing you to purchase any more upgrades for now. So where next?

Where Is Hestu’s Second Location?

Hestu will make his way to Lookout Landing. This is the main camp that you landed at the very start of the game. Once you get here, you will find him standing in the far corner and this time, he will allow you to purchase quite a few inventory upgrades before he moves on to the next and final location.

Where Does Hestu Go After Lookout Landing?

The final location to find Hestu in Tears of the Kingdom will be back in the lost woods where he also ended up in Breath of the Wild. There is a bit of work involved in getting to this location of the woods but once you do, you will be able to keep purchasing inventory upgrades from him to carry more weapons, bows and shields.

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