What does the pedometer Materia do when you hit the step count?

I picked up the pedometer materia. The first step is saying I need to take 5000 steps. It doesn’t give a benefit at the moment outside of counting steps. I am assuming that it will do something when I hit the step count. Is there any point in using this and getting the 5000 steps on the pedometer materia?

What does the pedometer Materia do when you hit the step count Final Fantasy VII Remake

What you do get when you reach the step count on the Pedometer materia in Final Fantasy Vii Remake? Is there any bonus for reaching 5000 steps with it?. See below for the answer to this question.

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I’m not sure if it is the same for everyone. I got to the 5k steps with it and it transformed into an AP Up materia. Wasn’t really valuable to me since I had one. It might be a random shuffle for the materia that it turns into. Once you get further into the game you will have so many materia slots that using up a slot on the pedometer materia won’t be that much of a sacrifice. It might be worth seeing what it turns into.

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