Unlocking door in Former Disposal area?

I followed that pig creature through the sewers. At the exit I found s control panel with a lever. When I pulled it, the water level behind a metal gate with a red diamond with golden dragons on it went down. I was able to find this door in the Former Disposal area but it is locked. How do I unlock it? It’s obvious there is something back there if the game let me trigger something behind the door. I looked around the area for a key and found nothing.

Unlocking door in Former Disposal area Final Fantasy VII Remake

How do you unlock the door with the dragons in the former Disposal area of the sewers in final fantasy vii. See below for the answer to this question.

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This comes later on as part of a quest. You may have noticed a few of these doors during your times in the sewers and found them all to be locked. You will get a quest further down the road to find all of these secret sewer stashes. You will get the key to unlock them as part of this. It’s a side quest so you will have to pick this up and follow it. The main story won’t push you forward to unlocking them

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