What music discs does Betty want you to play?

For the power of music quest in FFVII, Betty wants me to play some music on the Juke box to cheer people up. She didn’t say what she wants. I have tried a few of the discs I have already but she says they are not right. What music discs is she looking for me to play?

What music discs does Betty want you to play Final Fantasy VII Remake

What music discs do you need to play for Betty in the Juke box for the power of music in final fantasy vii. See below for the answer to this question.

1 Answer

Lloyd Collier

You need to obtain three music discs for this quest. You may have them already. Here are the discs you need to obtain to complete the quest for Betty.

  • Good night, until tomorrow
  • Fight On!
  • Stand up

As you collect each one it will progress to the next segment of the quest to fetch the next disc.

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