How do you write down the lines for the movie script?

I have made it to the place on Venus where I and auditioning for the role Of William Joseph Blazkowitz. I have the clip board in front of me and they need me to remember the lines on the board. I have memoriesed them, but how do I trigger this in the game? It is telling me to write down the lines but I can't seem to find a way to trigger BJ to actually write the lines down. What do you need to do to progress here?

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There is a pen attached to the top of the clip board. Interact with this own and BJ will write the lines down in his hand and the story will progress from here. You don't actually have to write the lines down in the real world. No harm taking a screenshot of the board if you think you will be unable to remember them when presented with the multiple choice options later on. 

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