Stuck on the train in Metro Exodus

I've just passed the desert area and I am on the train. Anna just spat up blood and now everyone is just hanging around. The NPCs are saying to go find the colonel, but he is sitting right here next to me. I've been up and down the train talking to people. Had a smoke, sat down, played guitar. It seems endless. Is this a bug or have I missed something?

Stuck on the train in Metro Exodus Metro Exodus

Stuck on the train in Metro Exodus - Stuck on the train in exodus unable to progress with the missions. - See below for the answer to this question.

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Dan Hastings

The last few times it was more obvious but you need to go back to the main engine room of the train. There is a map behind the driver that you interact with and you can set off on the next mission from here.

I guess it is an easy one to miss if you didn't spot what happened at the start of the game. The map is hard to miss anyway. Once you get it you can start the mission. The guitar playing is endless so you will never figure out what to do if you are sitting with the rest of the people.

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