What is the best upgrade to give BJ?


To keep things spoiler free I have gotten to the point where I need to choose one of 3 armor upgrades to use in the game. There is a chest piece to let me squeeze ino tight spaces, shoulder pads for charging into things and boots that let me double jump. I like the sound of the Ram shackles the most as most of the game so far has been in fairly tight areas that would little use for a double jump and the squeezing Into tight spaces is kinda the same. Is there any non obvious reason I should choose one of these armor pieces over the other?

What is the best upgrade to give BJ
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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Dan Hastings -

There are pros and cons to each. It also appears that the game adapts to whatever one you choose. I hit lots of areas in the game where there were no other options than to use my ram shackle charge in order to proceed. This has me thinking that there is no advantage to picking any if these for the story progression. You need to decide this based on how you play the game. 

If you play a lot of stealth the constrictor harness is the best as it let’s you slip into small spaces and sneak around better. The Ram shackles make a shit ton of noise but you can make enemies explode when you shoulder sharge into them. 

Each of the 3 contraptions has an upgrade. The constrictor harness just extends the amount of time you can stay compressed. The ram shackles gives you rechargable armor. This one is massively beneficial for harder difficulties as you can take cover and get your armor back without having to pick anything up. I forget the name of the other contraption, but it’s the one that extends your legs. This one gives you 200 health which is also super useful. The decision is entirely down to how you play and which upgrade holds the most value to you.

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