How do you rejoin BT on the other side in Titanfall 2 campaign?


I have been separated from The titan for a while. I got to a room to turn off the toxic sludge and killed all the enemies. BT is asking me to rejoin him on the other side of the area. The objective is also pointed over here. I do not know how to get over to him though. I keep trying to jump over the fence or find some way to gain access to the titan on the other side of the area but I am stuck.

How do you rejoin BT on the other side in Titanfall 2 campaign
Titanfall 2

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1 Answer

LeonDB40 -

It’s hard to see, even when you are directly in front of it, it’s hard to see. At the end of the room, right next to where the titan is, there are some wires missing from the bottom of the fence that will allow you to walk through. There is a pipe along the wall that you can walk across. As I said, it can be hard to see that this is the way across, even when you are on the pipe

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