Exit the Munin control center stuck?

I have dealt with that machine to enter the code and killed all the men. I'm stuck in the open area now. There is a big hole in the middle and I was able to go back the way I came through the vent, but I don't see anywhere to go. There is a point of interest marked on the map for one of the vents but I can't get through. The UI has a quest marked "Exit the Munin control center" ,but I don't see how I can get out of here?

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After you leave the control room there will be a bunch of Nazis, dogs and super soldiers. You can kill them if you wish. You need to go back out to the central area and go up to the second level that surrounds the area. Look out to the middle of the room to see a platform with a ladder going up. There will be some mechanical arms on either side of the room that you can jump onto and make your way up to the platform in the center of the room above the large hole in the ground. Be careful not to fall otherwise you are back to the control room and need to deal with all the Nazis again.

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