Where can I Find A Tale?


I have mostly been doing quests to hunt for treasure chests and I am getting bored of it. I see from the menus that there are tales which I would guess are much larger and more fun. Where can I find a tale?

Where can I Find A Tale
Sea of Thieves

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savageeye -

Tales are indeed bigger versions of quests that take some effort. If you head to the bar on the outpost, you will find a guy standing below the stairs, to the left of the bar. You can chat to him if you wish but you will need to interact with the book to the right of him. This book is the tale and you can trigger it from here. Other players will also need to agree to it in the same way you normally would with a regular quest on the ship.

first tale
The first tale in Sea of Thieves can be found in the bar at the first outpost you work from.
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