Stuck at Electricity ball in train yard of Volga

I have found the rail car at the station and I'm driving it down the tracks to get back to the train. I've gotten to a place where there is a blue ball of electricity. When I try to get past it kills me. I got out of the rail car a d it blew it up. Seems like the railcar should be critical to the story but it doesn't result in a game over.

I got far enough past it that it didn't kill me but the railway leads to a dead end. I am stuck here now unable to get through the train yard with the electricity ball trying to kill me.

Stuck at Electricity ball in train yard of Volga Metro Exodus

Stuck at Electricity ball in train yard of Volga - I am stuck at the train yard in the Volga mission where I must get past an electricity ball. - See below for the answer to this question.

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Keep your distance and get out of the rail car. If you walk along the tracks you will see a point where the tracks separate. You currently take the path that goes left and leads to the dead end but you want to go straight ahead. 

If you look to the right you will see a lever. Pull this, while the ball of electricity is far from you and it will move the tracks. Get back to the rail cart and when the way is clear, go full steam ahead to get past this obstacle and move onto the next 

Don't go full steam for too long. The next obstacle has some bad guys who will also kill you.

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