Where is the Enigma machine?


I have been picking up enigma codes from the dead Nazi commanders as I I’ll them. I was walking around the Uboat and I heard some people talking about the Enigma machine. Shortly after BJ said something along the lines of “gotta find that enigma machine”. Where can I find it? I know it was a Nazi device so i would imagine there is one on this Uboat and I can use the codes from the commanders to unlock something

Where is the Enigma machine
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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Dan Hastings -

It is in the main control room on the Uboat base. Near the bedroom of the black woman. If you are in the center of the room, look around and you will see a white sign that says “Enigma Terminal” above it. Sit on the seat and it will bring you up to the terminal where you can use the decryption keys. It’s worth noting that you are timed when you are performing the decryptions. If you run out of time you loose a decryption key so make sure you are prepared to decide one before clicking into it. 

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