How do you increase your skill points?


I haven’t paid much attention to this since the start. I’m level 30 now and my skill points are only at 750. I have some really powerful skill mods that I want to use but they require a skill level of 1000+ how have I not gotten this far yet?

What sort of things do you need to do to increase your skill points in order to use the best weapon mods? 

How do you increase your skill points
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Dan Hastings -

Skill points are not like xp or any sort of progression points you commonly see. Skill point is more like an armor score and the 2 happen to be directly connected.

Skill point comes from gear. Not all gear provides skill points, only some. More often than not gear that provides skill points, is a little less protective than other similar rank gear. Check for a yellow bonus that says skill points. This is how you get started. There are some good guides out there for this. Here is the explication in bullet points.

  • Skill points come exuipping gear with skill points as a bonus
  • Mods for gear can be equipped to provide skill points bonus
  • Once you reach a skill point threshold you can then apply new mods and skill mods that will further boost skill points. 
  • Removing a piece of gear that boosts skill points will subtract that value from your total points and lock you out of the upgrades that have a minimum point threshold. 
  • You need to focus on a skill point build if you want to increase the score. The gear often sacrifices armor and other stats to improve the total points. If you are gonna do this, go all out. If you half ass it, you will end up with a weak character that has bad armor and limited skills. 
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