How do you catch Craig’s Guinea pig in the bedroom?

Craig wants Tweek to give back the laptop and Tweek wants Stripe pack. I made the boarding walk back to Craig’s house and found Stripe in his bedroom. He runs into the vents and when I throw farts at him, he just runs between the 2 vents and I can never catch him. How are you meant to catch him? He moves too fast to be hit with a fire cracker.

How do you catch Craigs Guinea pig in the bedroom South Park: The Fractured But Whole

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings

You need to be quick enough to get the timing right here. They key is the use the freeze time fart. Throw a fire cracker or a fart at Stripe and he will run out. When he is in a good place, trigger the slow the fart. This will let you run over and grab the Guinea pig before he gets to the next vent.


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