How do you catch Craig's Guinea pig in the bedroom?


Craig wants Tweek to give back the laptop and Tweek wants Stripe pack. I made the boarding walk back to Craig’s house and found Stripe in his bedroom. He runs into the vents and when I throw farts at him, he just runs between the 2 vents and I can never catch him. How are you meant to catch him? He moves too fast to be hit with a fire cracker.

How do you catch Craigs Guinea pig in the bedroom
South Park: The Fractured But Whole

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Dan -

You need to be quick enough to get the timing right here. They key is the use the freeze time fart. Throw a fire cracker or a fart at Stripe and he will run out. When he is in a good place, trigger the slow the fart. This will let you run over and grab the Guinea pig before he gets to the next vent.


  1. That’s won’t work because you’ve already clicked the box. It won’t work.

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