How Do You Get Passed The Farmer At The Grape Farm?


I am at the grape farm and there is a farmer who is blocking me from going to the woods. I remember this is where Canada was in the last game and more importantly for me, where the woodland critters lived. The farmer is blocking my way and I can’t get passed him. I tried to put the draggable bucket in his way, but he is too fast. Is it possible to get passed him and if so, how do you get passed the farmer so I can get into the woods?

How Do You Get Passed The Farmer At The Grape Farm
South Park: The Fractured But Whole

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

You need to have unlocked the fart power that lets you freeze time. You are on the right track with using the bucket. You need to push the bucket near the farmer but stand to the side so he is at the very edge. Freeze time and when it is frozen, you can get passed him and push the bucket in his way if you need to. This will give you access to the woods behind him.

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