Should I kill Cassandra O’Malley?

I have a bit of a weird feeling about her. The soldiers further down were annoyed with me for speaking to her but I was able to persuade my way out of this conversation. Not sure what to do next.

I have the key to let her out and can either attack or let her free. What should I do?

Should I kill Cassandra OMalley The Outer Worlds

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings

She has research papers that you need. If you have high enough speech skills you will be able to get her to give them to you without it having to end in violence. If not, killing her for the papers might be the only option.

Once you let her out, you will be able to speak to her and try get those research papers. I let her free after this. I didn’t think it would do any harm leaving her go. Might bump into her again in the future.



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