How Do You Get Passed Electrified Water?

There have been 2 instances so far where I have been unable to progress because there is electrified water blocking my way. I found a way around for one of the occasions, but now I need to get into Me.Mackys office and I can't because the water is blocking my way. What do you need to do to disable the electrified water?

1 Answer

Dan Hastings

You will need to have unlocked the fart that let's you pause time before you can cross over the electrified water. Once you have this fart, you can use it by holding the 2 trigger buttons and pusing the 2 analog sticks toward the middle of the controller. When the time is paused, you will be able to cross over the water. In most cases there will be a power box of some kind nearby and this will allow you to disable the electricity and cross back over once the time freeze has ended. 

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