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Players will once again assume the role of the New Kid, and join South Park favorites Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in a new hilarious and outrageous adventure. This time, players will delve into the crime-ridden underbelly of South Park with Coon and Friends. This dedicated group of crime fighters was formed by Eric Cartman whose superhero alter-ego, The Coon, is half man, half raccoon. As the New Kid, players will join Mysterion, Toolshed, Human Kite, Mosquito, Mint Berry Crunch and a host of others to battle the forces of evil while Coon strives to make his team the most beloved superhe...

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole

While the Stick of Truth had its flaws from a gameplay level, the story and visuals were on par with what you would expect from a regular episode of South Park. When a second game was announced with many improvements over the first game, It set the bar pretty high. Fortunately Matt and Trey were able to deliver another incredibly funny South Park adventure. Stick of Truth focused on the…


I have played through the annoying random number wheel and I unlocked the trophy for obtaining the highest economic level, but it doesn’t seem to save. When I leave the mini game and check my character sheet, I am back down to 1%. If I play the game again I am also back down and […]

I am trying to solve the riddle that Cartman / Mitch Connor gave me after talking to the guy in read ad the coffee shop. The riddle was something like “Where death comes in all shames and sizes come to this store for surprises”. I can’t find it written down in the menu, but it […]

I am in the police station and I need to get a key that is inside a room that has filled with toxic gas. I died as soon as I opened the door and I have no idea how to get inside. How can i get the key on the floor of the room filled […]

Jared gave me the password for the lift/elevator in the police station. I forgot the number though and now I don’t know how to call the lift. What is the correct door code to call the lift in the lower levels of the police station after the Jared boss fight.

There is a lot of running up and back in this game. I have found all of Jimmy’s fast travel locations, but it would be handy to sprint. I tried all the buttons and I can’t find a way to sprint. Can it be done? If not are there any outfits that will increase movement […]

I checked the bank and the U Haul place and couldn't find anywhere to use this key. What is the purpose of this key? Where can I find Neds PO box for the key?

What is the reward for finding all of big gay als cats in south park? Is the quest reward worth the effort of searching for them all

I need to get past the grape farmer but he is blocking my way to the forest area behind him. How are you meant to get past him?

I have found Craig’s Guinea pig in the bedroom but i cant seem to access it. How do you capture him

I need to get roof aged cheese as a crafting component to be able to gain access to the fried chicken building. I went into Skeeters bar, but the vendor doesn't sell any.