Where to Find Squirrels In Forbidden West

Squirrels are small, fast-moving animals in Horizon: Forbidden West. They are quite common in several areas in the game and due to them appearing around Chainscrape, are likely to be one of the first animals that you discover when you begin exploring the wilderness.

There are multiple locations where you can find Squirrels. They are found in large numbers near the starting area of the game.

where to find squirrels

Making use of the pulse will allow you to easily spot the squirrels. You will need to make use of concentration to catch them as they move quickly. Despite real-life squirrels living in trees, you will find the squirrels in this game tend to run along the ground. Due to their smaller size and speed, it can often be hard to hit them with an error as they can run in front and under obstacles that will block your arrows.

where to find squirrels

How To Get Squirrel Bones

Squirrel bones are items that drop when you are killing wild Squirrels. There does not appear to be any specific pattern to follow that will increase the odds of you coming across a squirrel bone. Since they are common animals, you should be able to find enough of these to cover your needs without too much effort.

What Are Squirrel Bones used for?

Squirrel bones are used for crafting pouch upgrades. There are several different ammo and storage pouches in the game. You can get a full list of all of the pouch upgrades and the different upgrades that make use of Squirrel Bones in the Horizon: Forbidden West pouch upgrade guide.

How To Get Squirrel Hide

Squirrel hide is another item that can drop when you kill wild Squirrels. There is no particular method that will guarantee one drop over the other. Keep hunting squirrels and you will eventually get enough.

squirrel hide

What Is Squirrel Hide Used For?

Squirrel hide is used in the creation of various pouch upgrades. If you want to know more, check out the complete pouch upgrade guide for Horizon Forbidden West.

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