Where To Find Barbed Wire

barbed wire deadcraft

Barbed wire is a crafting ingredient in Deadcraft. It is used often for the construction of some of the high-end machines and crafting tools that you will need to work on when you reach the ark. If you are stuck for some and need it quick to complete a quest, the tips below will help you find lots of barbed wire very easily.

Loot Dumpsters In The Ark

Large blue dumpsters will often appear around the ark. You might get two of them per day. When they do appear, smashing them with your melee weapon will break them open, allowing you to get some barbed wire when it falls out.

barbed wire drop
Due to the blue roofs of all of the huts, they can blend in sometimes but keep an eye out for these blue dumpsters

Purchase Barbed Wire From Vendors

Vendors are a really handy way to quickly get some barbed wire when you find yourself needing just a little more to be able to complete a quest or to construct something last minute. Once you are at the ark, you will be able to visit the vendor right next to the nurse girl with the green hair.

where to find barbed wire
You will be able to purchase barbed wire, for a rather expensive fee from the steelpunk alchemy

Shakedown Enemies For Barbed Wire

It is possible to shakedown anyone in a town but you want to avoid doing this as it will give you a wanted level. Early on in the game, you will come across lots of enemy groups called Bawkers. These guys are human and sometimes when you hit them two or three times, they will fall over and you can perform a shakedown on them. By default, you will only be able to take one item from an enemy when you shake them down but there are skills that can increase this.

When you shakedown an enemy you can take some items that they have in their inventory. You will also find that if you visit the path to the north of the ark, you will find a dozen or so Bawkers, all of which are a reliable source of barbed wire.

Complete Notice Board Quests & Side Quests

The notice board is the most reliable source of crafting components as the quests available will reset each day and the requirements can be as simple as killing three zombies or providing 2 sludge. The rewards for these quests can include a range of different crafting components. Since you will also get a nice bonus of money and SP points, you should aim to do as many of these quests as you can each day to progress as fast as possible.

The notice board will reset each day and contain a series of quests that reward you with items and money.

notice board
The notice board will reset each day and contain a series of quests that reward you with items and money
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