Report To Zombie Dude Glitched?


You will find Zombie dude early on in the game outside the main town. I spoke with him and he gave me a side quest called “Zombie next door”. I delivered the letter to his girlfriend and that was fine. Now it is asking me to return to zombie dude but he is no longer in the location where I picked up the quest.

There is also no marker on the map to show me where he is like there is for other quests normally. Is this glitched? There was nothing in the quest log to explain where I might be able to find him now.

zombie dude

Report To Zombie Dude Glitched

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

Zombie dude only comes out after 10 pm. took me a while to figure this out. I abandoned the quest and I randomly spotted him in the same location again one night. He only comes out after 10pm.

If the zombie dude quest is glitching still. It might be worth restarting the game and then returning back to the same location on the map where you met him before but wait until after 10pm. If you have the quest active after 10pm, you will see that his location is marked on the map.


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