How To Get Nidavallir Ore

Nidavallir Ore

Nidavallir Ore, depending on how much attention you are paying to the crafting system and going off the beaten path may be something you miss out or desperately need. The good news is that it is quite easy to find and worth your while early on in the game as it can be quite difficult with the basic armour available to you at this point.

Nidavallir Ore can be found in Svartalfheim. You will find just enough pieces to craft all of the armor pieces. This will give you a huge boost that you need to be able to take on some of the harder enemies that are going to be ahead of you in the main story. So whereabouts in Svartalfheim can you find it?

dwarven chimneas
As soon as you destroy one of the chimneas, you will get a piece of ore.

When you first leave the dwarven village and set off on a small boat, you will be given the option to investigate the chimneys on the lake or just head to the left to proceed with the story. If you want to make the story a little less frustrating, you should head off and complete this side quest. It will give you lots of good items on top of the armor set.

Each time you destroy one of these dwarven chimneys, it will spit out a piece of Nidavallir ore. The quest objectives will show you where to find the chimneys so you shouldn’t need much help. As soon as it is shut down, you will get the item as your reward.

Nidavallir Ore
The locations for where to find Nidavallir Ore will be marked on the map based on the side quest
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