How To Get Hair Strands

hair strands

Hair strands are one of the more unusual crafting components as it is not immediately obvious where you can find them. Zombies have hair, do you get hair from killing them? Well, the source of hair is far less obvious and one that is a little more obscure. The guide below will show you all of the different sources for hair strands in Deadcraft.

Search Rags For Hair Strands

where to find hair strands
Hair strands will be found when looting the piles of cloth you find around the map

Hair strands actually drop quite often from rags on the ground. They are not the most common and if you need to collect lots of hair strands, you will likely need a few days of searching for the rags in order to loot enough of them. The image below will show you what you need to look out for.

deadcraft resources
There are lots of skills under the abilities tree that will allow you to obtain more items each time you loot

Buy Them From Vendors

The building supplies vendor in the main town will give you the option to purchase hair strands for quite cheap, making it a good source of them when you are stuck.

Checking the store information on the map will show you the days that this store will restock its supply of the goods it sells. Good to know when you quickly need a lot of the resources that the store sells.

Notice Board Quest Rewards

Every day the notice board will update with three new quests. The rewards for completing these are random and sometimes the random result will be hair strands. These quests are good to do anyway since they will earn you a large number of SP points to purchase skill upgrades. There are plenty of skill options that will give you more items when you loot things like rags, cars, etc. Meaning you can loot a lot more each day, saving you time and effort.

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