How To Get Batteries

Batteries are a common crafting component in Deadcraft. You will commonly need them to construct some of the early-level machines in the game. Batteries are a little less common to find than other resources but are still quite plentiful. Check out the guide below for all of the places where you can find batteries.

Broken Down Cars

The first and most reliable source of batteries is to look out for broken-down cars. You will often find that the green color cars have a flashing white glimmer on the bonnet. Hit it a few times with your weapon and it will break open the bonnet and a battery will more often than not come out.

If you want to make the most of this process, it is worth spending some money upgrading the skills under the abilities menu. This will grant you a nice bonus so that you will often get 4 or 5 batteries every time you break open a car bonnet. This will save you lots of time as the items that you pick up from the game world, things like cars, rags, wooden stacks, etc will reset each day. It is better to be able to get 4 or 5 per day than only being able to get one.

deadcraft resources
the abilities menu under skills has some of the most useful skills to purchase for resource hunting

Buy Batteries From Vendors

This is a very easy source but since vendors can take a few days to replenish stock and only stock a limited number of items when they are available, you aren’t able to rely on vendors when you urgently need 20 or 30 batteries for some story related crafting requirement.

Shakedown Enemies

It is possible to shakedown anyone in a town but you want to avoid doing this as it will give you a wanted level. Early on in the game, you will come across lots of enemy groups called Bawkers. These guys are human and sometimes when you hit them two or three times, they will fall over and you can perform a shakedown on them. By default, you will only be able to take one item from an enemy when you shake them down but there are skills that can increase this.

shakedown enemies
When you shakedown an enemy you can take some items that they have in their inventory

Complete Notice Board Quests & Side Quests

The notice board is the most reliable source of crafting components as the quests available will reset each day and the requirements can be as simple as killing three zombies or providing 2 sludge. The rewards for these quests can include a range of different crafting components. Since you will also get a nice bonus of money and SP points, you should aim to do as many of these quests as you can each day to progress as fast as possible.

notice board
The notice board will reset each day and contain a series of quests that reward you with items and money
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