Cradle of Echos Quest Guide

Cradle of Echos enter the code

Cradle of Echos is a main quest in Horizon: Forbidden West where you are going to come into close contact with the Far Zenith enemies for the first time. When you go down into the underground structure, you find that Far Zenith have been one step ahead of you and the information you had hoped to find is gone.

As you explore the large storage facility, you will find an objective to enter a code into the terminal. There is no immediately obvious source of this code, so what is the secret. Here is how to find the code and complete the quest.

storage facility terminal
You will reach this terminal that controls the storage facility. What is the correct code to enter?

Enter The Code

I’m not gonna lie, I got stuck here for a while and even when I got the clue that it may have been part of that secret distress signal that came from this location earlier on, the game doesn’t do a great job at making this information easily accessible to you.

The AI voice tells you that there are 236 items in storage and you must enter a code to retrieve one of the items that is relevant to the quest.

To save you the trouble of digging through your notes here is the distress signal that you received early on. You will see that it reads “SOS” then lists the coordinates of where to find this facility and then a three-digit code. Note how it goes outside the range that the computer told you was available. Enter this code into the terminal to reveal the piece of secret cargo being stored at this facility.

Cradle of Echos enter the code
The distress signal that you received to start the cradle of echos is the key to this secret. The code you need to enter to retrieve the storage item can be found by reading the text datapoint.
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