Subway Canteen Door Code

subway canteen door code

The subway is one of the more stressful areas in the Last of Us Part 2. A new type of infected monster that can kick your ass. Tight, gloomy areas with limited supplies. You will eventually come across a room that has a locked door with a keypad on it. This is different from the types of codes you use to unlock the safes. 

This is a 5 digit lock with numbers from 1-5. Gaining access to this room will give you some valuable supplies that you are likely in desperate need of right now. So how do you get in?

Finding the Code To The Canteen Door? 

The code or at least the clue to the start can be found around the corner. If you go to the table, it will give you a bit of a clue. You will be told to get a soda and you will be told what the code is. Seems like a weird one but if you go to the Soda machine you will see what it means. 

Smash the glass on the soda machine and you will be able to pick up the note that is taped to the can inside. The note will only give you the first three digits though?

What are The Final 2 Digits for The Door Code?

This puzzle is hard to solve if you are not familiar with how these types of locks work. There is actually only two possible outcomes here. This door accepts 1-5 but only once. The first 3 numbers have been given to you already, this means you just need to figure out the final two numbers based on a list of two numbers. 

The first 3 numbers are 152 this leaves numbers 3 and 4 left to use. This means that the passcode is either 15234 or 15243, the latter of which will unlock the door for you.

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