Remapping Last of Us Part 2 Controls

remapping last of us part 2

The control scheme in Last of Us Part 2 takes a bit of getting used to from the default settings. R2 to reload, L1 to sprint and dodge. Even after some time, when put under pressure, you might find yourself using Circle to dodge, L3 to sprint and square to reload. If you are having a hard time adjusting, it’s actually very easy to remap the controls in Last of Us Part II to more familiar formatting. 

If you pause the game and go to the settings menu, you will find that there are multiple control schemes available. All of these use unconventional control mappings, unfortunately. If you are looking for a more traditional control scheme, you will need to manually map this yourself. 

Can you change sprint to a toggle?

A very common question, the likes of GTA have us supplied with just having to click the button once and you are now sprinting. This is not possible in Last of Us Part 2. Even if you remap the sprint button to L3, it will still be a push to sprint rather than a toggle. This makes remapping this control quite difficult as holding the button down is quite awkward. 

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