Finding The Barkos Key Stash

barkos key

This area of the city will be one of the first large areas you get to explore. You will get here shortly after getting to the locked fedra gate. If you are hungry for mystery, you will likely be exploring all of the buildings before going to the courthouse that the story requires you to go to. You may be wondering where to find Barkos though?

If you have found the key, it is worth your while finding this stash. There is a lot of great loot in here. You will likely be able to fully resupply with everything you find in this stash.

Finding The Key For The Barkos Stash

During your explorations, you will find a Ruston Coffee shop. There is no obvious way in, but wait! You can smash windows. Smash the glass and go inside. As you look around for supplies you will end up in the back of the building. 

barkos key in coffee shop
Smash the window to the coffee shop to get inside. The Backos key is found in the bathroom inside on the baby changing station.

In the bathroom of the Ruston Coffee shop, you will find a baby changing station. There will be an item to interact with here. This is the Barkos Key. All you need to do now is find the door it belongs to. 

Where Is The Door For The Bakos Key?

If you flip the key, you will see that it lists the address of the building. Seems like a risky thing to do to instruct someone who found a key which door it belongs to. If you check the map, you should be able to find it. 

From the Ruston Coffee Shop where you found the key, turn left and heat up the road to get to the front of the courthouse. Turn right and run down this road. The river base, which is mostly gone now will be on the left and the courthouse on your right. 

The block after the courthouse is the one you want. The Barkos storefront is a light green colour and there is a sigh sticking out helping you see it easily. The door is around the side of the building in the alley. Walk around and you will use the key to unlock the door.

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