Minecraft Treehouse Ideas

treehouse ideas

Treehouses in Minecraft are some of the most enjoyable buildings to build. The sense of building a house that is alive is really exciting. The drawback is that they are quite tricky to build. Even the most experienced house builders will slip up and fall to their death. Keeping a nearby bed during construction is always a good idea.

Treehouses don’t really have any specific rules or requirements. As a kid, you will have probably tried to make a treehouse of some kind. They can be crude and basic or they can be fully functional houses in a tree. Most people do prefer some balance of being a basic, raw style house but still gives you all of the space and benefits that come with any regular house.

A tree house is best built in a forest, which goes without saying. Some people love the challenge of building one in a desert oasis. If you are a beginner, a jungle biome is a great place to start as you will have lots of really tall trees and plenty of wood to harvest.

For aesthetics, a larger treehouse, is best built as a multi story dwelling. Building some kind of wooden hut that is sitting on top of a single tree will just look silly. You will need to make smaller sections that make their way up to the very top of the tree. Keeping each section small enough that they don’t look unstable. Since gravity doesn’t affect wood blocks, it is up to you to respect gravity enough to make your construction look believable.

Cool Treehouse Ideas

The playlist below has a collection of cool videos that show you some awesome treehouse creations that people have come up with. If you would like to have your video included here or have some blueprints to share, please let me know.

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