When will Bedrock edition come to the PS4?

I'm finding this to be really annoying. One thing that has always been a bit of a pain is the fact that every system seems to have a different version of the game. It makes it a nightmare when you are trying to find some good seeds. Unifying the systems using the bedrock edition makes so much sense! I know this is all down to Sony being uncooperative when it comes to cross platform play on the PS4 but the devs seem into it and now that Fortnite and Rocket League have it, why not Minecraft?
When will Bedrock edition come to the PS4? Minecraft

When will Bedrock edition come to the PS4? - When is the bedrock edition of minecraft being released on the Playstation 4? There are lots of great seeds for it that don't work for PS4. - See below for the answer to this question.

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Sony are pretty aggressive when it comes to blocking cross platform online gameplay. Unless Sony grant this for Minecraft, the bedrock condition will never come to the PS4. Sony have allowed rocket league and Fortnite cross play so there is a chance this can be done if there is enough demand from the community to make it happen.

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