Lost Treasury Nornir Chest Guide

Lost Treasury Nornir Chest

The lost treasure is a pretty cool area in the game that has more than a few different treasures and items for you to uncover. The first one of which is going to be the Nornir chest that is sitting outside the front of the structure. Lighting the braziers for this chest is going to require quite a bit of effort compared to other chests as you are going to need to unlock the main entrance to the treasury along with gaining access to the roof. Neither is hard when you know what to do and that is what this guide is going to help with.

To start with the one inside the main door. You will need to centre the large metal disc so that the door at the centre of the building can be seen. Spin the big gear outside to open the metal bars and use a sigil arrow and leviathan axe combo to freeze both gears at either side of the big metal disc to prevent the metal bars from closing back over then you let go. Head inside and the first brazier will be on the right.

The second can be found outside just above the door. You may have to pull the big metal disc to the side to expose the location of the brazier but it is not hard to reach this one once it is visible.

The final one is on top of the roof. Spin the big disc to the right and climb up to the roof of the treasury on the left side. Once up here you can use sigil arrows to light the final one. For some reason, Freya glitched out for me here and refused to climb up. I had to restart from the last checkpoint in order to get her to climb up.

If any of this is still unclear to you, check out the video guide below that shows you where to find all of the braziers needed to unlock the Nornir chest in the lost treasury.

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