What Are Steam Vents On Walls For?

steam vents

Starting in some of the earliest areas of the game, you are sure to have noticed small holes in walls that have what looks like steam shooting out of them. If you look around the area, you will notice that there can often be some obvious secrets in the area and it looks like these steam vents will get you there but how do you interact with them?

If you have played the previous God of War game, you will likely remember similar things like this before. It is not until you obtain a specific item that you will be able to interact with them. So what is the item? Minor Spoilers ahead!

steam vents in god of war
You will often see lots of these vents in the world in God of War Ragnarok. They are seen everywhere but what do they do?

You will need to progress further with the main story before you can interact with these items. The story will push you to use one of these for the first time when you obtain the ability to use them.

using air vents to clumb
Throw a spear into the air vent and it will allow you to use it as a pole to swing forward
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