How To Level Up Quickly In Forager

level up quickly in forager

Gaining levels is a critical part of this game as it grants you skill points that you can spend unlocking new buildings and features of the game. If you are just starting out it might feel like gaining levels is a massive grind. It kind of is, but once you know some of the best tricks to level up quickly in Forager, you will forget all about XP in no time.

I have discovered a method of gaining XP that requires no grinding at all. In fact, you can go away and make a sandwich and while you are away your character will be earning mountains of XP. The only issue with this method is that it requires you to have unlocked mining rods . It wont take too long for you to get to this point though.

If you do not have these yet  or are just starting, this guide still has plenty of things to help you level up super fast.

Craft Tomes From Inscription Tables

I found very little use for the enchanting scrolls but I found a LOT of use for the tomes. The sooner you build an inscription table the better. You will want to be crafting these tomes as soon as you possibly can as they give you a permenant XP bonus to everything that you do.

XP Tomes
XP Tomes Increase the XP you earn for activities

Crystal Sword & Demon Pickaxe

Ok, these things are incredible. I personally found the crystal sword to be the best because you can’t accidentially destroy your buildings with it. The crystal sword also seems to have a greater area of damage, but both items are good for the same reason. EXPLOSIONS!

Hit a resource with one of these and the resource will explode, destroying everything else nearby. If you stack with some amulets that give you bonus XP for mining, you will end up earning a huge amount of XP with every single swing of your axe or sword. I am using the sword here, you just can’t see me becaue I am earning so much XP.

Earning lots of XP from a single swing
Earning lots of XP from a single swing

Farming Skeletons

There are a few ways to execute this, the best is to use Mining Rods, but you can also use your sword or axe. In the undead areas of the map you will find grave stones. Destroy a grave stone and a skeleton will come out of it. Kill the skeleton to earn some XP. You can find plenty of enchantments that increase XP for slaying enemies to really make the most of this.

If you place a mining rod in the middle of the area, it will destroy the grave stones as they spawn. If you come back after 30 mins or so, you will find a huge army of skeletons that are super easy to kill. You can wipe these out with whatever weapon you want and earn lots of XP and coins in the process.

Earn lots of XP killing skeletons
Earn lots of XP killing skeletonsforager

Unlock The Brilliance Skill

The brilliance skill is 2 places to the right of the Foraging skill on the skill tree. This will grant you a 20% bonus to all Xp that you earn. This one doesn’t require much explaining.

Crafting Items With The Crafting Obelisk Active

Crafting doesn’t help you level up all that much but when you activate the crafting oblisk it will give you an XP bonus. If you build forges and other crafting buildings nearby you can queue a lot of stuff to be built all at once. I was gathering a lot of ore so I would queue up 500 gold/iron in 4 separate forges and just watch the XP come rolling in without having to do any more work.

Crafting oblesk
The crafting oblisk will grant you bonus XP when you craft items

Mining Rods

These are the holy grail of leveling. Construct a bunch of these, let them destroy resources and you get XP for it. On top of the XP you also get the item that was dropped when the resource was consumed. Once you get a steady supply of mining rods setup the amount of XP you earn will fly up. You will also get a huge amount of resources like gems. It wont take long for thousands of gems to come rolling in.

As with most other methods for earning easy XP, you can use enchantments to give you bonuses to XP for mining ore and other items to give you a really good XP stack.

Mining Rod For Destroying Ore
Mining Rod For Destroying Ore
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