How do you heal yourself?

I only have one heart of health left and I keep getting randomly hit bit a slime or something and it’s game over. How do you heal? I have plenty of food but this only restores my stamina
How do you heal yourself Forager

How do you restore your health? I am down to a single heart and i do not know how to heal myself. Food doesnt seem to do anything.. See below for the answer to this question.

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Dan Hastings

To heal you need to either create potions or to create food. Just catching a fish is not enough to heal yourself. You will first need to cook the fish. Cooked fish will provide you with a heart of health. Same goes for cooked meat and various other edible things that you cook or craft yourself. Early on in the game either bread of cooked fish/meat will be the things you can use to heal yourself.

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