How To Quickly Increase Gunsmith Rank

Each season, your rank with various vendors is going to reset, giving you the chance to earn the rewards all over again. One of the more difficult vendors to reach the max level with is Banshee-44. Since there are no events like strikes or crucible to earn rank with, you will need to put a lot of effort in if you want to get the pearly white golf ball (ascendant shard).

If you are determined to make it at least as far as the ascendant shard this season, here is what you can do to make this goal more attainable.

Dismantling Weapons

If you have dismantled weapons before, you will see that it only provides a small number of experience points, especially if the item is rare/blue. In a single strike, even on normal difficulty, you are likely to pick up several engrams and get other pieces of gear from various chests. Make sure you dismantle all of the items you don’t want.

Make sure to visit the postmaster now and then too as any engrams that drop that you might have missed will be sent here. You could find you have a large collection of engrams and gear, I have often found some pinnacle engrams here that I have missed.

Bounties For ALL Characters

Everyone knows to do the bounties from Banshee-44 but did you know you can do 12 daily bounties for him, not just 4? Bounties are without a doubt the fastest way to earn XP for the gunsmith and being limited to 4 per day does slow this down. If you can increase this to 12 bounties a day, you should find yourself speeding up the levels.

gunsmith rank
Purchase all of the daily bounties from Banshee 44 and complete them. You can then switch to another character and purchase more bounties. 

How to Get 12 Daily Bounties Per Day Instead of 4

If you are unsure what I meant above, I have included a video below to explain what to do here. You will have a destiny 2 account and in this account, you can create 3 characters. Characters share some things but not others. For example, season progress is shared. You cant level up through the season from 1-100 for all three characters. When you log in with another, you will be on the same level.

Quests and bounties are not shared and this is the key part. Since XP progression is shared across characters but bounties are not, you can log in with each character each day and collect bounties from the gunsmith and the XP earned from completing them will contribute to the same shared XP pool for the gunsmith. It may not be the most enjoyable thing to do, especially if you have one primary character and 2 duds but this is a way to get that ascendant shard if you really want to obtain it.

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