Toru Iwatani Shows Off Original Pac-Man Draft Concept

Toru Iwatani is the man who came up with the idea of Pac-Man over 35 years ago. Since then the image of Pac-Man has become an iconic video game character. Toru Iwatani reveals how it all began.

It’s hard to believe that something like this started out as a design on paper when we do pretty much everything these days using computers.

For anyone who is curious, the red stamps apparently say “secret”.

Character Design

The final design for the maze changed quite a bit from the original concept design that was originally presented in this document. It’s probably a good thing, just look at the 2 areas at both the left and right side. Getting the balls in there will be a nightmare.

Original Pacman Maze

The death of the characters seems to have remained more or less the exact same from the concept of the game to the final version.

Pacman And Ghost Death


It feels pretty weird looking at these pictures. I’m sure 35 years ago he had no idea that these drawings would go on to be one of the most iconic video games ever created.

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