Functional Nazi Bell Die Glocke In Wolfenstein

Like most people, I enjoy a good conspiracy theory now and then. I rarely ever see any sort of truth in them, but they are fun all the same. A few years back I first heard a story about Die Glocke, or the Nazi Bell. It was meant to be some massively high tech device that the Nazis invented that did some fancy stuff in the area of particle physics, something I know nothing about. Since this is a gaming site, I don’t want to go into crazy detail about what the Nazi Bell is, you can easily find it on Google, but here are some interesting bullet points.

  • It was supposedly a marvel that was way ahead of its time.
  • There is evidence to support its existence.
  • No one alive has ever seen it.
  • No one really knows what it was for.
  • Some say the Nazis used it for time travel.

Now let’s get onto why this has anything to do with gaming. The Nazi Bell has finally made an appearance, in none other than the latest Wolfenstein game, The New Colossus. You should probably stop reading this if you do not want to read any spoilers. The images below of Die Glocke are spoiler free, so feel free to have a peep. I came across it as part of the game’s story and immediately thought to myself, that looks like a giant version of Die Glocke! It is a top-secret Nazi base…well it is Area 52 in Roswell, so technically an American base, but the Nazis have taken it over. We all know this place has a reputation for weird shit, so finding the Nazi bell in a secret Nazi base in Roswell is putting a big conspiracy theory inside the home of them. You must admit if you have seen any pictures of what people think Die Glocke looks like, this image from Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus looks just like it.

die glocke nazi bell
die glocke nazi bell

Well, it turns out I was right, as when I got closer to the thing, there were signs around the area that lets us know exactly what it is. Unfortunately, the developers have not uncovered the real thing or any crazy new information about what the device was actually for. It appears that it is some sort of nuclear reactor that is capable of teleporting large mechanical devices. Having spent some time looking at what is going on, it looks like spaceships/UFOs of some kind are being teleported to some other location, likely the planet Venus…yea the Nazis have a base on Venus now….this game is pure madness, in a good way!

Not much else to report on this really other than a nice gallery below of the images taken of the bell in the game. Thought this was a pretty cool Easter egg considering this is definitely one of the cooler Nazi stories. Maybe in the next game, we will uncover that secret, long forgotten train that is filled with Nazi gold and other valuable treasure. This is definitely one of the cooler events we have seen in the Wolfenstein timeline.


  1. Nice find! In the same room as Die Glocke you may notice a large Roman dodecahedron! Another cool little Easter egg/ reference. ;) you’ve ruined my chances of being the first to find Die Glocke but I think I may have been the first to identify the Roman dodecahedron!

  2. I’m not sure what happened to my last comment, but there is a Roman dodecahedron in the same room as Die Glocke! Search it and you’ll find my dodgy YouTube video showing it off.

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