Greatest Guns From Last Gen

Greatest guns

The last generation of gaming gave us some amazing video games. While some games gave us the same old weapons as before, there were a few that had some kick ass weapons! I have already written about the most impressive gaming swords, so here are some of the greatest guns in gaming.

Spartan Laser – Halo

Shit like this is usually mounted to trucks or planes but not in Halo. This beast is a portable anti-vehicle laser capable to destroying pretty much anything it fires at. It does have relatively long recharge times and is slow to fire but once it does there is no stopping it!

Flailgun – Bulletstorm


While not the most practical gun in the game it is of the cooler more fun weapons to use. The Flailgun shoots 2 grenades connected together with a chain, when they hit an enemy the chain will wrap around them resulting in a human explosive. Kicking that fool into a group of enemies will net you a gang bang award.

Gravity Gun – Half Life 2


You could argue that this isn’t a weapon its more of a tool but it shoots gravity bitch! It cant be used to pick up everything but you can still pick up blades, grenades, rocks or hedgehogs to shoot at people, that sure is a diverse array of ammo.

Hammer of Dawn – Gears of War


Not quite a gun but its 1 hell of a weapon. Seems like a bit of overkill for a weapon that is pretty much a glorified laser pointer but i still love it! The weapon itself is a satellite in the sky that shoots a bad ass pillar of destruction down on the ground below. You must admit that the laser pointer part does look quite cool, just be sure to never use it to play with your cat!

Blaster Launcher – XCOM


This rocket launcher is awesome! It doesn’t need to lock on to the enemies to find where they are, it can go around walls and through doors and it always hits its target. How does it get there? We will never know, we can assume its piloted by a race of flying kamikaze gnomes.

Nano Rifle – Red Faction Guerilla


This is definitely once of the coolest weapons you can use in a video game. The nano rifle when shot at an object like a wall will cause the object to disintegrate almost instantly. With the kick ass physics engine in this game this gun is a lot of fun to use even when there are no enemies to kill, find a large tower and slowly go around the outside disintegrating all the support beams until the building collapses.

Hailstorm – Resistance

The hailstorm seems like a very ratchet and clank inspired gun. The rate of fire for this gun is great and the bullets fired can bounce off the walls until they hit an enemy or eventually just die out. In cramped quarters this gun is devastating since you are sure to hit something even if your aim is pure shit. The secondary fire for this gun ejects the magazine firing all the bullets out. Strangely enough the bullets never seem to hit of you but that’s nothing to be complaining about!

Fatman – Fallout


The fat man is about as sophisticated as a potato cannon, no rockets or fancy guidance systems it simply chucks mini nukes around the place. Never a weapon i used much due to the fact that my Big Guns skill was always below 10 but it is 1 cool weapon. Weapons that fire small nukes aren’t anything new but there is something about the whole retro fallout vibe and the fact that the nukes it fires are cute mini cartoon looking nukes.

Wunderwaffe – World at War


This sure is a fine piece of crazy Nazi weapon engineering. This is pretty much a Tesla gun where the shots fired will link onto nearby enemies and shock them. When it comes to kick ass weapons the more evil the better and the fact that its made by Nazis makes it that much cooler than the competition.

Ryno V – Ratchet and Clank


Picking 1 single weapon from a Ratchet and Clank game is no easy task since there is a ton weapons that are awesome. The Ryno has been around for a long time in the series but the Ryno V is a latest and greatest. Just look at this beast! It’s like a mini gun but it fires rockets instead of bullets. There isnt a whole lot that you cant blow the shit out of with this gun!

Worth mentioning

BFG 9000

Doom 3 was re released as a HD remake. While not officially a last gen game it still came out for the systems. If you don’t know what the BFG is then you need gaming history lesson son! Big Fucking Gun!!

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