How Old School Gaming Graphics Worked

gaming graphics

A lot of us will never put much thought into how computer graphics work. When you consider todays computers, they are so powerful and produce such realistic looking games. Trying to wrap your head around how these work is going to be a time consuming task. Well if you break things down to the origin and have a look at how old school gaming graphics work, it might make a little more sense.

This video breaks down how game developers were able to make the games they did with such low powered hardware back at the dawn of gaming. The process is still complicated, but this video will break it down so well that you will have no trouble understanding it.

Although the process of achieving these visuals is quite easy in concept, it’s a real credit to the people that came up with the idea in the first place. The hardware caused a lot of limitations, the solutions that allowed developers to produce color games was a pretty big deal.

So what did you find most interesting about the video? It was surprising to see that even in the 80s developers were having to sacrifice resolution in order to deliver a better experience in other areas of the game.

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