Saved data is damaged and cannot be loaded


When trying to load up the game, I have gotten the error message “Saved data is damaged and cannot be loaded”.

Is there a way to fix this so I do not lose all of my progress.

Saved data is damaged and cannot be loaded
Cyberpunk 2077

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1 Answer

Ray Cunningham -

This was also a bug with the Witcher 3. The save files are capped at 8mb and when they go over this, the game considers them corrupt. I’m not sure if they are actually corrupt or not but when they hit 8mb it’s game over. They will likely release a fix for this to optimise the save file to reduce the size. 

How to avoid this bug:  the problem happens for people who craft a lot. When you craft items, you will also need to source supplies and deconstruct items. If you are someone who picks up everything and dismantles it for crafting, you need to stop. I know this is total bullshit but it’s the advice from the games developer. Until they figure out what’s causing the save files to bloat like this, people are going to hitting the bug and will be unable to progress.

Considering there are so many buggy and broken aspects to Cyberpunk 2077, this might not get fixed for a while. You should aim to just use the crafting mechanic less or just get a refund as an FU to them for releasing such a broken mess.

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