How do you choose an offering for the Ofrenda?


I have gone go Jackies garage and have been looking around. The quest is telling me to choose an offering for the oferenda. What are you supposed to do? I have scanned a bunch of things in the room and the girl and I spoke about them but nothing is showing up for me to select.

How do you choose an offering for the Ofrenda
Cyberpunk 2077

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1 Answer

GuacamoleFantastic -

The game is a little slow to provide the prompt but you can select a bunch of things. The belt, the tequila bottle on the table. So long as you have spoken about them earlier, you will be able to go back and take this item for the offering. You might need to walk away and then come back to the item for the prompt to appear as this can be a little buggy. Once you come back and highlight the item, you will see the prompt to take it as an offering. 

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