How To See In The Dark - Dealing With Dark Areas

One of the more unexpected features Cyberpunk 2077 is lacking is a flashlight. You do not possess any kind of gadget that is capable of producing light. Seems a bit crazy in a future where LEDs should be cheap and common.

You would expect a game that does not offer a flashlight, would not put the player in a position where they are in the dark and in need of the ability to illuminate their surroundings, but here we are. Add another thing to the list of Cyberpunk 2077 shortcommings. Thankfully, this isn’t a huge problem once you know how to get around it.

How To Navigate Through Darkness

Darkness is not your friend, but the game does provide you with a source of light, you just need to find it. In almost all of the areas that I found to be too dark to see, there were some floodlights in the area that could be turned on. It may be a stupid mechanic but the game does offer the solution.

I have covered everything in the video above but the short and sweet version is that when you are in an area that is too dark, try and scan the area. You will find TVs and stuff you can hack but will also come across floodlights. You can use the distract option to make these lights flash for a short amount of time. Why you can’t remotely turn them on is a further mystery.

There is generally enough light from the floodlights in an area to allow you to find your way through the dark without too much trouble.

Alter Game Brightness

You may find that HDR makes the darkness problem worse. If you pause the game and go into the settings, you will be able to modify the brightness. There will be a few options when it comes to HDR to change how bright the game is. Messing around with these can improve the situation if you are still finding Cyberpunk 2077 too dark to be able to play properly.

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